Arrival Instructions

Welcome to our application!

Reliable and secure transportation company providing transportation to individual, families and groups. All shuttles, vans and buses are air conditioned, licensed and insured. All drivers are bilingual and professional. We are the only company offering transportation 24/7 at no additional cost.

A representative will welcome you right OUTSIDE your arrival terminal with a sign with OUR LOGO.
OR YOUR NAME IF YOU RESERVATIONS IS V.I,P The day of your arrival we will be monitoring your flight all day, this way we will have your vehicle ready when you arrive. Please don′t worry about delays, arriving early or any minor change, we will know exactly at what time you will be landing in Cancun and your vehicle will be ready. If your flight changes and you are arriving in a totally different flight at a totally different time, then please call our office TOLL FREE from the US at 1-866444-6805 from the Canada at 1-866-812-9058 or from around the world at +52 998 882 60 50 and let us know the new flight information, we will update your arrival and move your vehicle to the new time. When you arrive to the airport in Cancun, first you are going to go through immigrations, then you will be guided to the baggage claim area where you are going to wait for your luggage. Once you have your luggage, they you will proceed to customs. Customs procedures can take 5 minutes or 45 minutes depending on how many people are clearing customs before you or if your luggage is going to be inspected. The whole arrival procedure, immigrations, baggage claim and customs inspections, can take a long while, PLEASE DON′T WORRY, we know this and our representatives will wait for you as long as needed. REMEMBER WE ARE THE ONLY COMPANY THAT IT IS AT THE AIRPORT 24HRS SO THERE IS ALWAYS ONE OF US THERE!
After you have cleared customs, please proceed to walk OUTSIDE your arrival terminal. --- REMEMBER ALL THE WAY OUTSIDE - there you will look for our airport representative WITH A BIG SIGN WITH OUR LOGO (see top left). DO NOT LOOK for your name, ONLY IF YOU RESERVATION IS V.I.P. we pick up hundreds of people each day and finding our BIG LOGO SIGN is a lot easier. Once you have located our representative, just identify yourself, if necessary show him your PAYPAL receipt or the confirmation email you received from us and he/she will take your vehicle which is going to take you to your hotel. If you reserved a ROUND TRIP SERVICE, then our representative at the airport will issue a voucher with departure instructions such as pick up times and our local contact numbers in case you need to make changes. Going to your hotel with is easy, straightforward and reliable. If you have any questions, please contact us. TOLL FREE from the US at 1-866-444-6805 from the Canada at 1-866-812-9058 or from around the world at +52 998 882 60 50